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Re: Results of the Lenny release GR

On Sat, 2009-01-10 at 16:13 +0100, Robert Millan wrote:

> However, your announcement seems to assume these only concerned kernel
> packages.  This leaves the message open to interpretation, it could mean
> any of the following:
>   - You assume the release team no longer intends to ignore DFSG violations
>     for these packages.
>   - The RT gets an exception for kernel packages, as they intended, but not
>     for the rest of Debian.
>   - The developers are implicitly endorsing an exception for the rest of
>     Debian packages.
> Please, could you send a new message clarifiing the situation, and your
> judgement as Secretary?

It is my opinion that the text of the winning GR option says nothing
explicit about any of the bugs currently tagged lenny-ignore except
those relating to firmware blobs.  

However, analysis of the voting results in this and prior GRs relating
to similar issues in prior releases indicates to me that Debian
developers in general would prefer to release with faults than to defer
release until some arbitrary level of perfection is achieved.
Particularly when there is general agreement that a new release is
superior both technically and with regard to overall freedom than what
we've previously released.  Note in particular that option 1 was soundly
defeated, and all "release with warts" options were voted ahead of FD.
I therefore believe the release team currently has at least the implicit
support of the project to proceed with Lenny release.

Equally clear to me in the results is that developers want to uphold the
terms of the SC.  I base this on the ranking of options that explicitly
mention the SC, and on the fact that none of them could achieve a

Thus, I'm personally disappointed every time we have to go through this
sort of discussion.  It would be nice to just fix the bugs instead of
arguing endlessly about whether it's ok to release with them still
present.  Therefore, I am working right now to address at least two of
the non-kernel bugs currently tagged as lenny-ignore (211765 and
368559), and I would encourage anyone else who feels strongly about
these issues to similarly focus their attention on providing solutions
to the root causes of the remaining bugs in question:


I hope this helps.


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