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Re: Discussion: Possible GR: Enhance requirements for General Resolutions

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On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 06:41:56PM +1030, Ron wrote:
>It seems quite clear that recent (ab)uses of the GR process have had 
>little positive and immense negative affects on the project.  And I 
>don't mean that in the sense that "My Favourite Option May Have Lost" 
>-- I mean that it created massive division and even outright hostility 
>between members of a project that was only just beginning to show some 
>signs of healing from the rifts created by previous votes.

Those "affects on the projects" are part of a _social_ problem: lack of 
consensus about the importance of release schedule. Some find it more 
important to release than e.g. ensuring consensus on the "purity" of 
what we release. Others have the opposite opinion.

Raising the bar of getting items on GRs will not solve this underlying 
social problem. Is a technical solution to a social problem. And as such 
it will fail.

The technical aspect of raising the bar will no doubt succeeed, however: 
higher thresholds will move more of the decision making process from 
happening among all voters to only among "politically active" ones 
(those actively participating at the d-vote mailinglist).

The question is not if we want less hostility in the project (because 
this technical change cannot change that).

The question is how much "noise reduction" we want in our voting 

  - Jonas

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