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Re: Discussion: Possible GR: Enhance requirements for General Resolutions

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 12:54:41AM +0100, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Practical changes: Taking the definitions of the latest GR we had,
>  Current Developer Count = 1021
>  Q ( sqrt(#devel) / 2 ) = 15.9765453086705
>  Quorum  (3 x Q )       = 47.9296359260114
> this will mean that future GRs would need 30 other people to support
> your idea. While that does seem a lot (6times more than now),
> considering that a GR affects more than 1000 official Developers and
> uncounted amounts of other people doing work for Debian, I think its not
> too much.

Well, I disagree on that point. I just had a look at the vote.debian.org
pages, checking those votes where the number of seconds exceeded 10, and
found only the following ones:
- Proposal F on the last vote; 17 seconds
- Proposal A on 2008_002 (membership); 21 seconds
- Proposal A on 2007_004 (length DPL election); 20 seconds
- Amendment A on 2006_001 (GFDL); 15 seconds
- Proposal E on 2004_004 (sarge release after 2004_003): 16 seconds
- Amendment on 2004_002 (status of non-free): 12 seconds

That's 6 out of 16 votes where _one_ amendment or proposal had more
than 10 seconds; many of them had more than one amendment or proposal,
but none of them had two amendments or proposals with more than 10

Now I do realize and agree that many people will probably not second
something anymore once a sufficient number of seconds has been issued;
but I think that, all things considered, 30 may be too much.

I'm not saying that raising the bar a bit isn't a good idea; and I also
fully agree that having this number depend on the number of developers
is a good idea. However, raising the bar sixfold in one go is pushing
it, IMO.

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