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Re: Discussion: Possible GR: Enhance requirements for General Resolutions

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 > ========================================================================
> General Resolutions are an important framework within the Debian
> Project. Yet, in a project the size of Debian, the current requirements
> to initiate one are too small.
> Therefore the Debian project resolves that
>  a) The constitution gets changed to not require K developers to sponsor
>     a resolution, but floor(2Q). [see §4.2(1)]

not sure if we need floor(2Q) here, but at least floor(Q).

>  b) Delaying a decision of a Delegate or the DPL [§4.2(2.2)],
>     as well as resolutions against a shortening of discussion/voting
>     period or to overwrite a TC decision [§4.2(2.3)] requires floor(Q)
>     developers to sponsor the resolution.
>  c) the definition of K gets erased from the constitution. [§4.2(7)]

what I'd like to add here is something in the lines of

d) If a resolution will affect an upcoming release which is already frozen,
the resolution needs twice the number of sponsors as defined in a).

This should help to avoid that some random people try to stop a release in the
latest moment if there's not a really good reason to do so. If we want Debian
to be used in business ("enterprise" *gasp*) installations, we should at least
be able to tell people when we're about to release, without having them to
fear a delay for months or years due to a GR.



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