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Email alias for the "debian-private declassification team"?


can we have an e-mail alias for the "debian-private declassification
team" figure created by GR 2005/002? IMHO it's enough if it just points
to a mbox for now, but it would be useful for people who want to
preemptively mark some messages as "not to be published" (I'd like to do
that, and cross it off my TODO file).

Does declassify-team@d.o sound good?

Incidentally, the declassification GR was passed on 2006-01-01, which
means next January (3 years after) there'll be material suitable for
declassification (including two memorable threads). If somebody is keen
on forming a declassification team, now it'd be a good time to talk to
the DPL.

(If a team is to emerge, and they prefer something else than mails to an
alias for expressing one's wishes, I'm fine with waiting a bit, too.)


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