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Re: Debian on Causes (Facebook and MySpace)

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 12:41:40PM +1100, Ben Finney wrote:
> MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> writes:
> > Ean Schuessler <ean@brainfood.com> wrote:
> > > Some of you are probably saying "Eeee gads! Not accursed
> > > proprietary social networks!". Some of us have friends who aren't
> > > die-hard computer nerds and, yes, there is a world beyond
> > > Advogato. Now shut up and go make your less nerdy friends give
> > > money to Debian.
> > 
> > No, I'm saying "use it if you want, but please try to keep external
> > backups of all the supporter details and don't create much
> > facebook-only content because facebook *do* delete people's accounts
> > in an automated, arbitrary and self-contradicting way, so supporting
> > them (as opposed to mining them) is not in the public interest."
> Indeed, well said.
> I also have difficulty following the OP correlating a walled-garden
> one-way private club with “wider world”, or even with “less nerdy
> friends”.
Facebook and Myspace are obviously not same as the recent identi.ca.
Some of the walled-gardens are opening up their APIs which is a start
but not on par with identi.ca's open service model and AGPL. But
Facebook is not a small group of people as it includes several million
from all over the world, so its not isolated like a 'private club' in
the back of a bar/pub. So these venues/platforms/mediums provide an
opportunity to advertise and fundraise like any other medium to draw
people to and support our efforts at 'free as in freedom'. So I dont
mind the attempt to use a medium to bring people close to freedom even
though the advertising medium is not 'free'. The people use them mostly
knowing about the untorid uses of private data like pictures, DOB, etc.
for things like targeted advertising.  And accept the comprimise for the
gain of accessing their social network. AOL was once a walled-garden
where everone was, things changed and that garden died. So I expect
things to get better wrt social networking site.
[ disclosure: I am on Facebook as are quite a large number of other DDs ]
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