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Re: Member distributions and popularity

Ean Schuessler wrote:
> > I started it off a long time ago although I don't have the time to
> > maintain it. Of course, there's lots of room for improvement there.
> Right. I think one of the first areas for improvement would be making the page easier to find! The only thing I can see on www.debian.org that links to this is the Debian FAQ. Ideally, this list would show up as a direct link off of "Getting Debian".
> My main suggestion is that rather than promoting all Debian variants we would promote those that follow some rules. For instance:
> * The dist must display a "Real Debian GNU/Linux" logo (or something like that) on their site.
> * The dist must pass some test suite we would make up that checks whether things work as we expect them to work in Debian.
> * The dist developers go through some kind of Debian Developer kind of initiation where they promise us to play nice or something.
> * Use our issue tracking/patch management/release/whatever procedures in a certain way that we define.
> * Whatever else we decide they need to do.

What about...

  . forward upstream bugs to the Debian BTS
  . forward improvements that are PDD agnostic to the Debian BTS?
  . maintain a (close) relationship with the Debian project
  . be some sort of active on the Debian mailing lists



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