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motivation (Re: It's all about trust)


On Monday 27 October 2008 17:20, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > If someone is only trustable to package perl modules, shouldn't he be a
> > DM instead of a DD?
> We might want him to be able to package new perl modules on his own? Where
> do you draw the line? If you maintain 20 or 50 perl modules?

The above two quote reminded me of two different aspects, which I havent seen 
spelled our this clear in this thread so far.

a.) giving out access/rights, can be very _motivating_: I can tell from my own 
experience mostly or more clearly in Debian Edu than in Debian, that I do a 
lot of stuff in Debian Edu, because I was granted the rights which I needed 
to do these kinds even though I didnt need the rights. (Simply said: I got 
svn commit for everything (even though I only needed svn commit for a 
fraction), so I started to work on everything.

(This is definitly also true for Debian, but to a lesser extend. Debian is 
more cautious with granting access.)

The other aspect is a bit contradictionary or might sound so. I'm still deeply 
impressed by the Kathy Sierras keynote at LCA 2007 about passionate users. 
It's available at  
and I suggest you watch it if have ever thought/think about motivating 
Her basic idea is, that in addictive games the first levels of success are 
easy to achieve and then it gets harder, but only so slowly so that people 
dont loose motivation. She also manages very well to carry this over to free 
software development and I suggest you watch it (its 45min), as she can 
really connect this much better than I can do here.)

Currently, in Debian it is (still) really hard to get involved and part of the 
project (though to be fair, it's perceived even harder than it is). DM was a 
good step in the right direction and we should keep that direction, not add 
too many levels of access, priviledges and buerocrazy.


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