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Re: Developer Status

On jeu, oct 23, 2008 at 02:55:46 +0000, cobaco wrote:
> > The more steps you add, the sooner people will stop. IOW less and less
> > people will become full DDs, and instead of bringing new blood to the
> > project, you bring new blood to the "lesser" contributors and deplete
> > the core contributors (sorry to make such distinctions between full DDs,
> > lesser or core contributors, it's what people try to make it about, not
> > what I think of it). Instead, we should just have a world split in
> > three: Users, Contributors (User that reports bugs and does occasionnal
> > patches or similar stuff), Developers. Translators, people helping with
> > the website and so on, any people that does _regular_ help to the
> > project just deserves to be the latter. The fact that it requires NM for
> > all of them is pure nonsense.
> I think we agree :)

Actually no, because what I wrote deceive what I meant. The fact that it
requires the current for of NM for any of them, the ones who will upload
packages included, is awful.

I hate in Ganneff proposal the fact that it just standardize the 6
months delay to be a DD. It's acknowledging that we suck, and trying
nothing to fix the problem. It's unacceptable to me.

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