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Re: Debian 0.91 beta

Fabian Greffrath wrote:
> Romain Francoise schrieb:
>> Thank you very much for providing this tarball.  The distribution
>> itself is apparently very close to the "Debian 0.91" version
>> archived in the historic-linux repository at ibiblio.org, but your
>> tarball also contains archives of the debian-announce, debian-devel
>> and debian-user mailing lists of early 1994 (January to April).
>> As far as I can tell this bit of project history had been lost
>> until now, the archives on lists.debian.org only go back to 1995.

> Oh fine! I am glad this is of use for someone actually!
These have been imported. Thanks again.

If anyone has archives to fill the gaps...

Kind regards

Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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