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Re: Request for data about development

On Wed, Oct 08 2008, Katharine Anderson wrote:

> Hi--
> My name is Katharine Anderson, and I'm a researcher at the University
> of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. My work looks at collaboration and problem
> solving. I'm currently working on a paper that looks at the structure
> of collaboration networks. I'm looking at how people with diverse
> skills group together when solving problems, and it occurred to me
> that the open-source software community is a perfect example of the
> phenomenon that I'm interested in. I was wondering if there was any
> way that I could get data on participation in development groups? Is
> there someone who I could talk to about that?

        Most of the development efforts are on the mailing lists:
 The lists are divided by the areas of activity. You can look at the
 archives of the mailing lists  there as well.

        You might also want to look at http://wiki.debian.org/, which
 holds some other aspects of the collaborative work.

        Hope that helps.

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