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Re: Sound servers for Debian 4.0r3 i386

On Sb,04.oct.08, 09:30:15, César Bergara wrote:
> The downloades cds of Debian 4.0r3, have a problem: the sound server 
> (alsa) have a problem and can't play sounds (of kde's soft or gnome's 
> soft, but xmms play sounds; but mpg123 don't).

[nitpick: alsa rather represents a driver, esd (for Gnome) and arts for 
KDE) are sound servers]

Please post the exact error message you get (if any) when you run 
mpg123. It might help to turn off any KDE/Gnome specific sound handling 
as they sometimes block the device and may prevent each other from 
playing any sounds.

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