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Re: ssh.upload.debian.org

>> > Please always only use the symbolic names for the places to upload to
>> > (ie ftp.upload.debian.org and ssh.upload.debian.org), do not use any
>> > machine name directly. Queues may move at any time, without further
>> > notice and the symbolic names will be updated.
>> What conceivable reason is there for ever moving the ftp queue off of
>> ftp-master?  It doesn't make sense to force everyone to switch their configs
>> from ftp-master.debian.org to ftp.upload.debian.org unless there was an
>> expectation that the queue would be moved, and I can't see any way that this
>> would ever be desirable.  What byzantine model for uploads is being
>> proposed, and why?
> The best part is that I thought ftp-master.debian.org *IS* a symbolic
> name, as opposed to ries.debian.org which seems like the actual machine
> name.

Yes, but it is used for many other things too, so impossible to move
elsewhere in case a machine goes down temporarily.
The .upload.d.o aren't used for anything else, so it is *easy* to move
them around. Which enables us to keep the upload queue working even if
ries would be down for only a day or so (which is no reason to do the
lot of work to have all moved thats attached to the ftp-master name).

(Of course shorter downtimes wont benefit from this, as it takes DNS a
while to update and planned downtimes (like for reboots) dont really
warrant such things. But anything more...)

bye, Joerg
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