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Re: Re: FSF not considering Debian as Free

My understanding of RMS's position is that he would like Debian to follow
something like the rule that the FSF has about not linking to any non-free
software from their sites, which would mean that we couldn't even tell our
users that non-free existed in standard documentation.
I initially thought that too, but if Richard simply meant that "the Debian website or Debian shouldn't refer to the existence of the non-free component", why would he add "in a way that suggests getting non-free software from there."? Maybe it's worth asking.
Personally, I think this is not a useful place for Debian to go, even if
Debian itself stopped running the non-free archive.  I also don't think
that FSF endorsement of Debian is sufficiently useful to Debian to be
worth the trouble (and I say that as an FSF member).
Same here.
I also don't think that the "free Debian" projects are a sign of the FSF
wasting resources on this in any significant fashion.  The last few that
have shown up have sounded like projects that people have started on their
own and asked for FSF blessing for.  They look to me remarkably like the
many vanity Linux distributions that start and fail routinely by the
dozens and generally aren't worth paying much attention to.
Same here.

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