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Re: Debian and non-free

David Paleino wrote:
> On debian-italian@ there's a thread [1] with people sponsoring gNewSense,
> goBuntu and the such, claiming they're "real free software"

...gnewsense is so pathetic.

their build scripts to put the images together is a derivated work of
live-helper. they forked live-helper (which was called live-package at
that time, fwiw), ripped off all my copyright notices, and put their own
names in it. when i was asking them to respect copyright notices, they
said, that they have kept GPL boiler plates since they had to, but were
unaware that they also have to leave the 'Copyright (C) Daniel Baumann
<daniel@debian.org>' lines aka author information, and they never fixed it.

so yeah, FSF endorces officially that project and at the same time, they
are blaming us supporting non-free (rather than for having
infrastructural support for (properly licensed) non-free packages).

therefore it appears that FSF is not making their decisions for
endorcements based on *verified* arguments, so i can happily ignore any
of their distribution suggestions.

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