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Re: Go-OO of Novell on Debian

Thank you very much
i installed the program on my debian lenny, it works wonderfully, but there is something that i can't understand (it's also the case of lot of people) how came that the Openoffice installed is a GOoo of Novell, and it has the same name and logo of Openoffice of Sun?
Can you clarify that? (lot of peaople ask this)
Is all faitures listed on the web site of GOoo are supported on the OpenOffice installed with Debian??
Thank you
2008/9/4 Mechtilde <ooo@mechtilde.de>

Younes El Koury schrieb:
> Thank you for your responce
> So an: apt-get install openoffice will install GOoo

no, you need - apt-get install openoffice.org -
> Thx



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