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why DebConf8 can be a chance for the cabal


Aug 10 23:23:45 <Ganneff> someone please throw the speaker out of the
window for me, DM is crap. thanks. :))
Aug 11 00:14:05 <DrWeb> the whole "DM is broken" stuff is kind of late
after the voting was done months ago
Aug 11 00:14:50 <Clint> what?
Aug 11 00:14:52 <kov> well, personal opinions do not need to change
because a decision has been made
Aug 11 00:15:04 <DrWeb> does the ftp-masters team do their homework btw?
so this year this could be the first debconf without complaints about
them? :)
Aug 11 00:15:37 <kov> and there is always the possibility of going back
on a decision; although I am in favor of DM, I do recognize the right of
oposers to give their opinions on the issue =P
Aug 11 00:16:51 <DrWeb> when i see ranting people and their so called
"opinion" is not more than hot air, then i am not denying any rights
when i find that immature and non-productive
Aug 11 00:17:38 <DrWeb> after a majority vote you accept the circum-
stanzes and try to help to make the best of it
Aug 11 00:17:55 <Clint> that sounds rather fascist to me
Aug 11 00:18:16 <DrWeb> Clint: hello, favourite UK comedian
Aug 11 00:19:25 <Clint> DrWeb: who or what are you?
Aug 11 00:19:39 <DrWeb> Clint: i could be as ironic as you if you want
me to
Aug 11 00:21:13 <Clint> there's nothing ironic about me calling that
Aug 11 00:21:24 <DrWeb> if you say so
Aug 11 00:21:38 <Clint> it's authoritarian and oppressive to squelch
Aug 11 00:21:56 <DrWeb> that sounds not as bad as the fascist bullshit
Aug 11 00:22:48 <DrWeb> i think almost all debian developers try an
authoritarian tone in all kinds of situations
Aug 11 00:22:59 <DrWeb> some of them are racist and some of them are
Aug 11 00:23:00 <Clint> it's exactly the same statement
Aug 11 00:23:06 <DrWeb> but not by generalization
Aug 11 00:23:43 <Clint> you are advocating that we shut up and put up
with a decision that is harmful to our project and you're getting
snippy about it
Aug 11 00:24:10 <DrWeb> Clint: thats nonesense and if you are serious
right now, then i get the feeling you try to troll me
Aug 11 00:24:45 <Clint> did you not just personally attack the people
who were arguing that DM is a crock of shit?
Aug 11 00:25:14 <DrWeb> and if people like Ganneff feel in the position
to decide what harms the project, what decisions should be reverted and
if he is that popular for real, then he should go for next DPL
Aug 11 00:25:56 <DrWeb> but i assume there will be lots of people who
will cry about the majority vote that somebody like Ganneff should not
be elected as DPL
Aug 11 00:26:09 <Maulkin> DrWeb: done trolling yet?
Aug 11 00:26:18 <ifvoid> DrWeb: who are you anyway?
Aug 11 00:26:26 <ifvoid> please set realname to something sane
Aug 11 00:26:42 <DrWeb> Maulkin: i was waiting for somebody like you to
help Clint out here
Aug 11 00:26:59 * Clint laughs.
Aug 11 00:27:03 <DrWeb> ifvoid: can you see a realname set in Clint's
Aug 11 00:27:22 <ifvoid> everyone knows who clint is
Aug 11 00:27:22 <DrWeb> ifvoid: and who are _you_ to talk to me like
a fascist?
Aug 11 00:27:30 <ifvoid> uh what?
Aug 11 00:27:34 <DrWeb> indeed
Aug 11 00:27:36 <Clint> he is Bas
Aug 11 00:28:02 <Maulkin> h01ger: permission to op myself?
Aug 11 00:28:05 <DrWeb> its always the same clown faces no matter where
mud fights and defacements are started
Aug 11 00:28:22 <Clint> omg, it's paddy!
Aug 11 00:28:23 <DrWeb> and Maulkin is most of the time happ[en/y] to
defend his clown buddies
Aug 11 00:28:29 * Maulkin gives channel operator status to Maulkin
Aug 11 00:28:36 <Clint> hi paddy
Aug 11 00:28:37 * Maulkin sets ban
Aug 11 00:28:37 * You have been kicked by Maulkin


Aug 11 00:37:38 <DrWeb> would somebody be so kind and approve my logs
of this channel, that public defacements took place here, by calling
people's comments fascist, by labeling people as troll and by abusing
network priviledges to fix a dabate for another network representative
who is too much of a german to have an opinion that is heard?

Aug 11 00:37:52 * Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
[2nd network ban]


Aug 11 00:40:02 <Dr-Web> and to terminate access to a public chat
network with the comment that i violated a network policy is more
than ironic. you have to be very much of a clown face to go by such
Aug 11 00:40:10 * Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
[3rd network ban]


Aug 11 00:48:16 <YourWeb> i am wondering about only 1 thing. what
happens to the pride of these "network representatives" who ban fast
without any backup of the network policy, when somebody manages to
hold a microphone to bdale's face one day, to get an answer from him,
how this abuse is justified and covered by SPI Inc.
Aug 11 00:48:27 <meebey> that guy is annoying
Aug 11 00:48:51 <Marillion> YourWeb: go away
Aug 11 00:48:54 <YourWeb> that interview will come
Aug 11 00:54:41 <YourWeb> some wise people put "no discrimination" in
the free software guidelines. it was aimed at licenses of creative
works in form of software. but i am still waiting for 1 single debian
developer who can name me 1 single reason why discrimination targeted
at other developers and users is so wide spread within the debian
Aug 11 00:55:45 <YourWeb> and i am not asking for the psychopathology
of people like Ganneff, weasel, myon, Maulkin, Clint, etc. and why
they are complete jerks towards other people
Aug 11 00:56:10 <YourWeb> thats quite obvious and people without a
certificate in any field can answer that
Aug 11 00:56:42 * Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
[4th network ban]


Aug 11 01:11:18 <AnotherWeb> some people forget 1 thing. when projects
are sponsored by donations, which are tax exempt, then that is only
possible, because certain states see a public interest in that activity
this public interest requires transparency regarding the activity that
aims to be of public interest.
Aug 11 01:11:18 <AnotherWeb> when a few hacker boys play war on the
internet in the name of the Debian project and SPI Inc. officially
backs that up, then we have a lot of material that needs to be
Aug 11 01:11:36 * Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).
[5th network ban]

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