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Re: Help: Need of list stats for Debian-Med mailing list (fwd)

On Fri, 25 Jul 2008, Pascal Hakim wrote:

Are the graphs on:
enough for historical data?

Well, as I said, they are perfect and I just need the underlying raw numerical
data.  Is there any chance to obtain this (in whatever form).  You could
even point me to the place where the GnuPlot script generating these graphs is
running and I try to find out myself if you are short in time ...

This should at least get you started. I won't have time to look into
the 2008 data for a bit but one of the other listmasters might.

To be clear about this: The current data from 2008 are nice - but not
that important as the raw numbers because I want to do some comparing
graphs grouping the numbers differently.

Kind regards



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