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Re: about 9800 GTX Daniel

On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 12:33:46AM +0200, Daniel Hunter wrote:
> hello my name is Daniel Thillerup  and  i live  in denmark... ive tryed to install debian desktop i386  debian 4.0r3 with my nvidia 9800gtc card and when i do that it simple dosent start the desktop mode .... 
> ive tryed serverals things to get it done... but wont work so i thought this place were the right place to ask ... 

This is a wrong place to ask. Description of debian-project mailing
debian-project: Discussions about non-technical issues in the project 

> i wonder if you guys  have a guide for me so it will work cause i expirence that debian is the greatest linux... of all ...

Ask you question again in debian-user mailing list, then I can tell
you the following:

The GF9800 display card is newer than Debian 4.0, so that version can
not have drivers for that card and probably does not even recognize
it. Either use only VESA graphics or install the binary only driver
NVidia provides on its web page. Or install some older display card, I
have GF8600 which works just fine.

Tapio Lehtonen

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