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Re: Openser 1.2 no longer on etch?

No, Openser 1.2 was on main etch repositories. I installed 2 new box with openser 1.2 with apt-get repositories last month so i know. Somehow it goes backward to 1.1.


Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
Jared Lee - Exetel Pty Ltd <jaredl@exetel.com.au> writes:
We used to see openser 1.2 on stable etch package repositories, but
could you please explain why the apt repository now listing openser 1.1
as stable etch? I've been using openser 1.2 and I apt-get it 4 months
ago. Why I can't get it anymore?

You probably used non-Debian sources for version 1.2 of openser. Debian
etch was released with openser 1.1.


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