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Re: KDEquestion


Welcome to the debian community.

For your questions, my idea is, if you have a good internet
connectivity, it's best if you can do a minimal installation using CD1
and use the package manager to install other packages as your



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On Thu, 2008-05-22 at 13:33 -0500, Sergio Franco wrote:
> Hello…
> I am completely new to Linux. For long years I was a MacOS user and now I will move forward. From all I red Debian is the best choice.
> I downloaded the Debian/PowerPC_etch FIRST CD and I red with close attention the “Debian GNU/Linux Installation Manual”. Because it is not useful to download all the 22 CD images I have a question (after reading section of the Manual): What number CD image has the KDE install? Is the “debian-40r3-powerpc-kde-CD-1.iso” a Debian GNU/Linux install disc with KDE as the default GUI? Can I use it as a first install CD to get KDE right away (if so which is the KDE version on it?)?
> Final question (curiosity), I read about a Linux application called “Blender”, this application needs glibc 2.3.6., which is the glibc version that comes with Debian 4.0r3?
> Thank you very much for you kind attention, and keep on the good work…
> Sérgio A.S. Franco, M. A.
> (lusodesign@europe.com)
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