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Re: Misc development news (#8)

On Sun, Jun 01, 2008, Peter Palfrader wrote:
> It's not development related tho.  And most people really don't need to

It is developers related.

And http://lists.debian.org/devel.html reads:

debian-devel-announce: Announcements for developers

> know it.  I suppose etc/motd will eventually be updated to point to it
> also.

What's the use if you can't manage to login?

> Well, you can't please all of them.  Frankly, I think most of the posts
> to d-d-a have no place on that list in the first place.  If it's the
> list DD are required to subscribe to we should try to also send stuff
> there that they *read*.  I hardly read all of the posts sent there.

This is not a high traffic list. There is no spam on it. I personnally
do read at least the first lines.

> What's the number of affected DDs here?  10?  20?

Deleting or marking an email as read is easier than knowing that a
useful information has been sent on another mailing-list. And CC-ing dda
should do no serious harm, I guess.

> I think dia was the appropriate for that mail.  The pointer in buxy's
> mail was also fine, tho I wouldn't have placed it quite as prominently.

dia was appropriate, for sure. But I would have appreciated to be
informed on dda.

Anyway, please keep up the great work as DSA. That is what really
matters ;-)

Mohammed Adnène Trojette

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