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Re: Updated Debian Developers Keyring

> The keyring part isn't as easy. The problem is that the keyring isn't
> maintained collaboratively. jetring has been developed for exactly
> this use case, but I've heard (discussion on #debian-devel) that some
> people considered jetring "a mess" (I don't have details about
> specific problems though).

jetring has some useful and interesting ideas, but the main complaint
I'd have about it as a method of managing keyrings is that it takes on
various roles that are already provided by the underlying VCS and this
duplication makes it more complex than necessary.

It also stores keys as their ASCII armoured versions, which I can see
little benefit to. If you store keys as individual binary blobs then
the process of assembling the complete keyring can be achieve with cat.

jetring obviously works for the people managing the Debian Maintainer's
keyring, but that doesn't mean that it'll work for everyone.


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