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Re: Suggestion for Debian

On Tue, Apr 01, 2008 at 12:34:48PM +0200, Adrian Chapela wrote:
> April L. Lan escribió:
>> Hi,
>> I hope you don't mind me making a suggestion on this list even though
>> I'm not a Debian programmer.
>> Debian still seems to have trouble keeping up to date, eg KDE4, GNOME
>> 2.22.  The last release is already pretty out-of-date.  As Ubuntu use
>> the same package format as Debian, and have even more software
>> available, wouldn't it make sense for Debian to think about building its
>> packages based on Ubuntu?
> NO, this is an error... Ubuntu builds its packages based on Debian...  
> not in the other side..
> All of security releases are in debian, all of most important  
> aplications are on Debian... other applications less stable are in  
> Ubuntu but it is its position... Debian is a stable server OS.
>> I still like using Debian as I find it more reliable!  Hope I'm not
>> intruding with this suggestion,
Hi April,
thats for asking on the Debian-project list! We like questions from any
party interested in Debian. As Adrian said, Debian is the basis for
Ubuntu. Mark Shuttleworth, its founder, sought the best available distro
to make Ubuntu and he choose Debian. The reason for the differences are
based upon the vision that each project holds. Debian runs things like a
600 node genomic cluster in the UK, the 6 month release cycle and
limited developers and testing would not be suited for large scale
computing. Also, most of the packages from Ubuntu's universe
repositories are derived from Debain and its developers. This saves
Ubuntu a lot of work. The reason Debian 'lags behind' is to allow
companies to not have to upset their thousands of business pc every 6
months. 18 months is better.
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