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Re: dopewars do we need such a game in debian distribution?

On mer, 2008-02-27 at 15:00 +0100, Christof Adams wrote:
> Hallo Francois,
> 	I am a long time user of debian. In the updating  process i found the 
> programm "dopewars" you maintain.  As a user i much apreciate the work of 
> volunteers like you in the packing and handling of the debian software 
> packages.
> But do we really need a game like this in the debian distribution, given the 
> casualties and problems which drugs, there use and the dealing cause.

Oh, yes, of course, and I think we shouldn't also allow to be the
criminal Mr. X in our "londonlaw" package! ;-P

"...one player controls the movements of the criminal
 Mr. X as he tries to evade Scotland Yard..."


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