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Re: Bits from the DPL: FTP assistants, marketing team, init scripts, elections

Am Sonntag, den 24.02.2008, 13:16 +0100 schrieb Sam Hocevar:
> Marketing team
> --------------
>    At the various conferences I attended I have paid much attention to
> how other distributions and FOSS projects were promoting their work, and
> despite us often having t-shirts, stickers and posters like the others,
> we really miss a few things which would make Debian as appealing as
> other, dynamic projects.

 Hmm, I wonder if you never attended any of the Debian events in Germany
or Austria, because over here we have these things. There is a quite
living team around this that has a larger variety of goods like shirts,
keychains, posters and of course the flyers which are translated into
many languages and have an alioth project for them:

 Also the Debian UK people have a broad selection of shirts, did you
miss such events, too? I'm not saying that things can't get improved, I
am just totally puzzled by your wording and you making it sound like
that there isn't anything around these days...

>    I would like to set up a Debian Marketing Team, whose work would
> be to organise all the promotional stuff (logos, t-shirt designs,
> wallpapers, etc.) so that the project can officially endorse good
> designs, and to make the ultimate decision on visual stuff such as CD
> covers, splash screens, etc.

 I also wonder if you really missed the
<http://www.debian.org/events/material> part of our website?
The /events/ pages are on our website for ages but more and more get
(actively?) ignored by a big part of Debian - but they aren't hidden in
any way and were always happy to welcome help. Do you want to start off
completely new - if so, why? If not, why didn't you mention the current
available stuff?

 So long,

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