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Re: Update #1 [RFC: Introducing Debian Enhancement Proposals (DEPs)]

First off, thanks to all of you for pushing this forward, I think it's a
great idea.

On Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 07:50:27PM +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> History of changes, and VCSen in general (open front)
> ----------------------------------------
> Lucas Nussbaum suggests that the document includes "A history of changes
> made to the DEP, with their rationale, or links to emails explaining
> giving it". I think that would pollute the document much, but I think we
> can divide the issue in three aspects, and solve the issue by addressing
> them separately:
>   1. suggest that each DEP contains a rough changelog/timeline, like:
>     | 2008-YY-ZZ
>     |
>     |   * Moving to CANDIDATE. Document sent to d-d-a.
>     |
>     | 2008-01-16 to 2008-01-XX
>     |
>     |   * Changes based on feedback from -project.
>     |
>     | 2008-01-09 to 2008-01-15
>     |
>     |   * Changes based on feedback from various people.
>     |
>     | 2007-12-01
>     |
>     |   * Initial draft from the Extremadura QA Meeting.
>   2. recommend that DEPs include references to archives of dicussions
>      (this is already done)
>   3. finally, about documenting the individual changes themselves, I
>      believe they more belong to the commit messages of whatever version
>      control system (or wiki page) the drivers are using.
>      I wanted to add a note somewhere mentioning that using a VCS is a
>      good idea, and we could mention there that it would be good
>      practice to document changes with their rationale and/or links to
>      the relevant messages.
>      Then, I also feel that if a VCS is used, a pointer to it should be
>      given in the document, and maybe suggest, in the History section,
>      an URL of the changelog view of the file. How does that sound?

Would it be possible to add an RSS feed to the DEP with diffs or the
changelog? It'd be nice to be able to track these from a distance without
following the various mailing lists. I'm sure I'm not the only one
overburdened by the number of lists he's carrying.

 - David Nusinow

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