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January 2008 BSP Report from Switzerland, Zurich

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On Sunday, the first BSP of 2008 in Zurich [1], Switzerland
came to an end. It was a very successful event.

On 12 and 13 January, 16 people hacked on Debian all day (and through the
night) and managed to close a fair number of bugs:
42 RC, 24 non RC, 2 patches, 7 RC to non RC downgrades, 5 removal requests.
Attendees ventured from all over Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, and
Spain to take part. You can look at some photos [2], a panorama [3] and the
webcam stream [3].

I would like to thank all attendees for their time and work, and I hope my
organisation made the events pleasant for all.

I also would like to thank our sponsors: ETHZ ID and Google for covering our
travel and catering expenses, and the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for
letting us use their space and infrastructure.

Max Lungarella of the Artificial Intelligence Lab (our host) kindly gave us
an AILab tour, thank you. For the people who want to test the tuxracer
device, please contact me. I think we will have a visit sometime in six weeks.

We also had a small spontaneous PGP key signing party. And the GNU/kFreeBSD
[5] machine for Debian was updated too.


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/BSP/ch/2008-01
[2] http://gallery.debian.net/v/2008/bsp-zurich/
[3] http://gnu.ethz.ch/photos/panorama/
[4] http://krum.ethz.ch/bsp2008.avi
[5] http://lists.debian.org/debian-infrastructure-announce/2008/01/msg00000.html

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