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Re^2: ideas regarding a conflict management strategy

The feedback that I received so far on my E-Mail shows certain aspects of personality,
that are part of the deductive reasoning, 
why the social climate within the Debian community can be tricky.

First of all, the content of my E-Mail - my personal opinion - is not addressed at all.
Instead, the person behind the E-Mail is addressed in such a way, 
that it causes bad reputation without any obvious reason.

And the interesting point is not that a few people think there is a relation between me
and people who might be useful to take over the role of a black sheep.

I come in peace.

My motivation is to work for a more social environment,
where I can be who I am,
the way I am,
to satisfy certain desires.

One main desire is to be able to use my computers.

On these computers I use GNU/Debian as operating system,
because it suits me best.

I want to be a part of the community to be able to expand my knowledge,
and to let other people benefit from the knowledge I gained.

Sometimes I am distracted from these three core desires,
because I am not any better than those people,
who I address with my appeal.

Mea culpa.

Am I in the position to teach Debian Developers better social ethics?

My social environment does not allow me to be a teacher,
a preacher
or a world healer.

But I still try to make my social environment a little bit better,
because that might be my way of contributing to something,
that is of value to me,
like other people create lines of code to help that things grow.

So back to the main point, please.

As feedback to my E-Mail I received statements like:

"You might possibly be a person who I had a private battle with at some point in time"

"I had to delete lots of dull stuff only to tell you that you sound like a troll"

"I am happy to say go away"

And this can feel quite violent.

Which leads straight back to the content of my first E-Mail.

- gaining conciousness
- becoming aware
- understanding personality
- practise of non-violent communication

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