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Re: ideas regarding a conflict management strategy

Dear Patrick,

On Tue, Jan 15, 2008 at 03:52:22AM +0100, Lars Versen wrote:

> In case you get the feeling anyways, that I am aiming to cause trouble,
> then please choose a private form to express that. Send me an E-Mail. But
> please dont use my piece of work here to run defacements or to do flaming.

I wonder, has it not occurred to you up until now that changing your name
does not disguise your identity, because no matter what name you choose your
message is always the same?

> Now what SOC-CTTE members will have to do is,
> to constantly walk both conflict parties through these 4 steps
> of conciousness, awareness and understanding.

This is something that you are certainly in no position to judge.  Do you
not see the irony that instruction on "non-violent communication" should
come from someone who repeatedly abuses IRC channels to force himself upon

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