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Re: No buildd redundancy for alpha/mips/mipsel

On 29 Nov 2007, at 10:49 am, Aurelien Jarno wrote:

James Andrewartha a écrit :
Not a buildd, but [1] notes that there's an alpha porting machine waiting for more than a year to be set up by DSA. I don't know if there's an RT ticket, but there is a bug [2] about this, which was closed this week,
although it looks like by accident.

This machine has been setup, it is called albeniz.debian.org, that's why
the bug has been closed.

I knew Peter had been working on it, but I didn't know that the machine was available for use, since I wasn't notified when he finished. Hey, I'm only the local admin, what do I know... :-) Anyway, I'm glad it's finally available for people to use. It's a reasonably meaty machine - AlphaServer ES45 4x 1.25GHz EV67, 8GB RAM. Enjoy.


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