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No buildd redundancy for alpha/mips/mipsel

http://release.debian.org/etch_arch_qualify.html lists that alpha, mips and 
mipsel a having buildd redundancy, but that does not seem to match reality 
as both only have a single buildd (alpha: goetz; mips: ball; mipsel: rem).

Both mips and mipsel also currently seem to be having problems keeping up 
even though AFAIK there are no really special circumstances. This results 
in a fairly high number of packages that have not been built for 2 weeks or 
Alpha seems to be managing to keep up with only one buildd.

Are there any known plans to add buildds for these arches and especially for 
mips and mipsel? If not, could we please make that a priority for the 

(i386 is also missing a backup buildd, but that has always been the case, so 
I'm ignoring that.)


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