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Debian Maintainers Quality Assurance (Was: Re: Updated Debian Maintainers Keyring)

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"Torsten Werner" <mail.twerner@googlemail.com> writes:
> Why don't we handle such problems in a more friendly way?

I think this is a startup time for the DM procedure, and Kartik got
the unfortunate honor of being the first DM with a poor package in the
archive. We don't have any guidelines as to what constitutes so poor
packaging that the upload rights should be revoked, what deserves only
a public lashing, and what should be dealt with privately.

I personally think that any package having a lintian override file is
a suspect for the first option. Linda and lintian are there for a
purpose and hiding their complaints is not something to be done
lightly (I don't have that big a problem with leaving linda/lintian
errors/warnings in the package, I've done that myself - at least then
other people can easily see the problems).

Remember that by applying for the DM status you are saying "I know I
can handle (basic) Debian packaging without constant supervision."
Sometimes you are wrong, and there's no shame in that - provided you
learn from your mistake.

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