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Update on lists.debian.org


this morning, the program (mhonarc) generating the Debian list
archives[1] was updated. We hope that this fixes / allows us to fix e.g.
some of the encoding problems with non-ascii mails and headers.

So far, only the most recent (2007-11 for monthly and 2007 for yearly
lists) archives have been regenerated, we will do the others at a later
point of time.

Known side effects of this upgrade include
- attachment names are random, and ATM we do not intend to provide a
  stable way of linking to them (as opposed to messages where URI
  stability is of great importance),
- rel="no-follow" on external links,
- a preference of numerical over named HTML entity encodings
  (personally, I like the names better, but I'm not sure that this
   is an issue of great priority)
- some "address-like" headers (Return-Path) are clickable mailto links,
- some stuff is formatted with "pre" that used to have "tt" + "br"

If you find what you believe are regressions that need fixing, please
don't hesitate to file a bug against the listarchives pseudo-package.

Kind regards


1. http://lists.debian.org/
Thomas Viehmann, http://thomas.viehmann.net/

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