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Re: Is debian profiting from forced child labour?

MJ Ray skrev:

> Should we forbid forced child labour as a requirement of licensing the
> debian trademarks?

As I understand it, Debian upholds ethics regarding software. We also
attempt defining ethics on our internal socializing. But we avoid doing
so for areas unrelated to software and our developing it.

As a principle, we (as an organisation) do not care if Debian is used to
produce bombs. neither should we care if our logo is printed on T-shirts
produced with child labour, or if employees at T-shirt print companies
drink fairtrade coffee with non-fat organic milk.

I believe it is wrong for us as organisation to attempt defining ethics
in this area.

That said, I also like to emphasize that personally I strongly dislike
child labour. And I encourage fingerpointing at those who benefit from
child labour.

I would most probably join a sub-group calling themselves "Debian
developers against child labour" should such a group be founded. But I
would vote against a GR proposing the project as a whole to submit to
ehtics regarding child labour or lots of other important issues in life.

 - Jonas

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