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Re: Bits from the DPL: DSA and a few other things

On Sat, Nov 03, 2007 at 05:32:34PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Saturday 03 November 2007, Frans Pop wrote:
> > (Phil already was DSA, even if not yet in the adm group)
> Eh, please scratch that bit between brackets. It's nonsense.

I don't think it is nonsense - Phil was part of DSA for a long time, but I
seem to recall he didn't have access to everything at some point (I can't
put my finger on it, I forget), and he didn't make some decisions, for
example recently he facilitated some mirroradm permissions on sites where
James had already allowed basic access, but at the same time he didn't
introduce the mirroradm group to another host where we had no existing

In any event, if this means that he's got free hands[1] to do everything,
that's a good thing.

Josip Rodin

[1] *chuckle*

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