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Re: About spam in the list archive

On Fri, Nov 02, 2007 at 10:22:00PM +0100, Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Hi,
> it has been claimed that the Debian list archives contain spam email
> messages.
> There is a "report as spam" button in on the list archive page of each
> message, but presently, spam is by and large not removed from the
> archives. The submissions seem to help (more or less) with finding spam
> but need manual review before they could be acted upon.

If the clicking of the button does not lead to the spam email being
deleted immediately, it should be noted so people know that. At present,
people think so and get confused when it is still there. Maybe it should
listed as being in 'beta' ala google or say that the reporting will not
result in the immediate removal.

> I would like to put forward the following ideas and opinions towards
> systematic spam removals.
> Messages that are (beyond doubt) spam should be removed from the web
> archives. They should remain in the mailbox archives (and thus be
> accessible to developers on master.d.o).

IIUC you'd have them available in the downloaded archives? Why? For
spam/ham testing?

> Spam removals should be very conservative, with any doubt meaning no
> removal. In systematic removals, candidates need to be checked multiple
> times in order to minimize the risk of unmerited removal.
> The information which messages have been flagged junk and how that came
> to be (review logs) should be accessible along with the mailbox
> archives, so any developer can inspect the changes to the archive and
> complain to listmaster about removals.
> On the technical side, when removing messages from the list archives
> URIs of messages must not change. 


Keep up the good work and kill spam!
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