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Re: Status Debian Etch and LSB 3.1

Em Wed, 31 Oct 2007 12:06:25 -0400
Jeff Licquia <jeff@licquia.org> escreveu:

> Yes; I was working on Debian's certification, but got bogged down in 
> other issues.
> In the meantime, there was an obscure X library issue that appeared
> in an etch update.  I have yet to track down the issue, partially
> because the problem uncovered a test bug, and I wasn't sure that the
> problem wasn't entirely in the test.  But now the test bug is fixed,
> and I need to revisit the issue.
> Modulo the X issue, there should be no reason why etch cannot be 
> LSB-certified, apart from just getting the work done.  I can guide 
> anyone who wants to help with this.

    Ok. The first step would be to test again? I can do it and report
debian-lsb, right?

    Is the process for LSB Certification is complex? My
employer is very interested in to help.

Kind Regards,
Fernando Ike

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