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Re: Planet policy?

On 11101 March 1977, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> Did we ever agree a policy about what's acceptable/reasonable for
> blog feeds linked from planet.d.o? I'm very tempted to disable Ian
> Murdock's Solaris propaganda, for example...
> Thoughts?

Without looking at this issue - people can already unsubscribe from
various planet feeds, if they want. Just use


and deselect the persons you do not want to read on the right
bar. Setting it with your name or something helps to keep it synced in
multiple browsers.

I use that to kick out some people I dont want to read. You still see
they posted things, but usually only there name. Click on the name and
you see it again.

Additionally it helps by folding those entries that you already read.

Im not sure why this isnt yet integrated into Debian, afaik Myon tried
to do that already with Mako, but I dont know why it didnt
happen. CC-ing both, hoping we get that into official planet soon. :)

bye Joerg
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