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Re: Info needed for online research project

Hi Alexander!
Thanks for the reply! I'm glad I recieved a reply, but because I had a project deadline at hand, I was forced to change my organization.
But its not a problem though! I would still like to know more about Debian, because after graduation, I want to work mainly in the open source industry. About publicity, I'm curious as to how you guys let people know that so and so Debian products are available, and are much better than corporate stuff? Where do you mainly get the funding from for the publicity? And which media (or medium) are the main source (internet, tv etc.) of advertizing Debian products?
Also, I'm curious as to how open source survives even after most of its products being free of cost?
No hurries!
- Balu

On 7/11/07, Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> wrote:
Hi Balu!

* Balu V <agent.logic@gmail.com> [070627 15:47]:

> I'm a student of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, under their
> distance learning program. As part of my studies, I've been given an
> assignment to do an online research about the organization structure of a
> business/organization to identify its functional areas and to find out about
> the information systems used to support the functional areas.
> As an open source person myself, I've chosen the Debian Project as my
> organization. Most of the info I need are on the Debian website, however,
> I'd need the business processes used in 2 functional areas (publicity and
> custom distribution) and the information systems in use to support the
> process. All information given will be duly acknowledged in my assignment.
> I'd request you to furnish me the required information to help me complete
> my assignment for my studies.

Many thanks for choosing our project as the organization for your
studies.  I'm sorry, that it took so long for me to answer your mail --
I was quite busy during the last weeks due to personal issues.  Well...
actually I'm still busy, so this mail is more or less to let you know,
that your mail arrived and has not been forgoten.

Regarding the functional areas you mentioned, I recommend to contact
Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org> for questions regarding custom debian

As already mentioned, I'm quite busy but willing to help you regarding
"publicity" -- perhaps it would be better, if you tell me what you would
like to know exactly?  Publicity is a wide field, and by asking him some
more specific questions, you save me some work and will get your answers
sooner :)

Yours sincerely,
Alexander Schmehl,
Debian Developer and Spokesperson

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