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Re: Need of non-germany-tree in Debian?

Alexander Wirt wrote:
>> > Huh?  Distributing computer games without the necessary permission
>> > under applicable youth protection laws is already forbidden.
>> [..]
>> > planetpenguin-racer is affected as well.  It doesn't matter whether
>> > the game is violent or not.  There's only an exception for mostly
>> > educational games.
>> Wasn't there another exception if the game(s) is(/are) part of some bigger 
>> software bundle, i.e. a linux distribution?
> Of course, as long as not the game itself is the main reason of the
> compilation, for example if its an operating system its legal. This, of
> course, does not count for games that are really forbidden (on the index),
> like doom, rise of the triad or quake. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to
> provide Debian DVDs for events like Linuxtag. 

But neither of the games on the index (rott, doom, quake2) provide the
game media, so I don't believe they're affected.

Plus, last time I checked setting a game on the index was strictly bound
to specific versions of the game. E.g, "Mortal Kombat" was on the index
for all game versions except the one for the Game Boy, whose graphics
apparently weren't troubling enough. I doubt that a Linux port is
explicitly listed.


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