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Re: Further draft Social Committee text

On Thu, 28 Jun 2007, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

The rest of the soc ctte should be in CC for such informal comments as

Didn't we agreed to a private list?  A lot of CCs tend to become broken
at a certain time.

 4. The DPL will aim for the SC to consist of 5 Developers.  The SC
    may not use its powers according to s2 above unless it has at
    least 3 members.

Why give a precise size?

According to my English knowledge "aim for consist of 5" is not really
a precise size but rather a rule of thumb and according to this interpretation
I think this makes perfectly sense.

 5. Each year, the SC membership will be reconfirmed as follows:

   (1) The Project Secretary will conduct a series of separate but
       concurrent votes, one for each member of the SC.  In each
       ballot, the options will be `Keep' and `Dismiss'.

I'd rather have a single vote. "Keep" is above NOTA, "Dismiss" is below
NOTA. The criticism of the method for multiple winner doesn't seem to
warrant the overhead of habing that many votes.

IMHO Ian's suggestion enables that members will be sorted out effectively.

 16. If sufficient suitable candidates come forward, the DPL will then
     publish a proposed list of 5 members for the committee.  Any
     volunteer not put forward by the DPL but who achieves K sponsors
     within the next 2 weeks, will also be added to the list of

I don't see why he should propose only 5 members. He can propose more and
the top-5 will be elected?


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