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Bug#292330: use UTF-8 by default

Mike Hommey dixit:

>>   it's not. We could create a neutral.utf-8 locale for sure

Sounds like a plan. Maybe something short and uppercase, akin to
"C" and "POSIX", how about "STD.UTF-8"?

>> but a
>> C.utf-8 is really bad, because some programs check the locale for 'C'
>> and when they foind that use hand optimized functions to replace the
>> localized libc ones.

Ugh. Really? Nah, please spare me the details.

>Note that you won't get strings split in the middle of a point code with

This is possible with UTF-8.

Try this one: ł (U+0142) = C5 82
You can split between the C5 and the 82.

>Anyways, maybe the general problem is that there should be a way to
>generate locales at the user level (and store everything in ~/.locale,
>for example)

That'd be a nice additional idea, but it makes additional problems too,
for example quotas, or when do these get updated, or that duplication
is always bad. That would probably be a glibc issue then.

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