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Re: your mail

Debian Oracle ha scritto:
> It is, unfortunately, less well known that the values of "everything",
> "uttrly", "absolute", "eternal", and "true" have been suffering from
> serious inflation in the past fifteen years. Given that time on the
> Internet passes at about 42 times faster than usual, that means the
> 105k% inflation has effectively been going on for 630 years. In other
> words, "true" now is worth only about 1/(105^630) of what it was in
> 1992.

U r uttrly wrong. In fact, it's 1 / ((1 + 105000 / 100) ^ 630), that is 
1/(1051^630) IMVHO.

Feel free to enjoy this truth.

The Debian Arithmetical QA team

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