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A bit of history

Hi folks,

I am trying to find out exactly when I joined Debian.

This is not as easy as it might seem.

There seem to be three possible dates:

1) The date of my first upload

2) The date my account was created on master

3) The date my key was added to the keyring

I'm pretty sure that this all would have been in 1996, give or take a
year.  I'm also pretty sure that #1 occured before the others.  I think
I uploaded to chiark until Bruce got back from vacation to set up my
account on master.

This is just something I've been trying to figure out for awhile for my
own personal interest.  Nothing of vital project interest, but it would
be interesting to be able to find out.

All of this predates most of the modern infrastructure: NM,
*.qa.debian.org, etc.  To make matters worse, the search tool for
lists.d.o is returning internal server error right now, so I can't
search some lists for my name over a specific time period.

-- John

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