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Re: Ban on svenl established.

On 2007-05-29, Cord Beermann <cord@debian> wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm sad to make this announcement, but i see no other way to stop the
> flood of mails on debian-project.

I'm very sad to see this has happened.

This list on 2+ months has ~800 (823 atm) messages, while for example
LKML ~28000.

Sven is a strong, man. I would be proud to have a friend like he, unlike
most of those, who *just* replied. While i don't count names, it's very
upset situation. I didn't see hundred DDs on replies, not talking about a
thousand somebody proudly noted. Yet this small group of bureaucrats
can't handle ~220 messages in all threads, Sven was involved.

I feel very sad after what i've read here.

I wonder if this will be published in "not-so-weekly" Debian Newsletter
for all subscribed DDs *and* users to see this crap. They certainly
don't follow much of the traffic in many lists, thus they are in pink
glasses about issues like this one.

As someone wrote, and i agree, better to prove something by just having
fun coding, doing something useful. Even after kick in face or
waist-low punch from a friend. Isn't easy thing to do, yet better,
that to waste time with thin-bloods.

Sven, we must went back to fun -- not to "work" as new DPL just pointed
out. In this case better with pink glasses back and lessons learned.

I wish you happiness and good feelings for the best mood ever.

Eh, you, ``developers''...
 #oo'L O
<___=E M

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