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Re: What do Open Source Projects need? - part 3

"Patrick Frank" <paddy.frank@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 6/6/07, MJ Ray <mjr@phonecoop.coop> wrote:
> > My question about unsubbing Christoph Berg from Planet Debian was
> > more about: do we think it will recur and should we draw a line
> > here?
> And this is a complete misunderstanding of my movitation to post the
> mails under the subject "What do Open Source Projects need".  [...]

No, it's not.  I simply don't care about the current hobby horse being
ridden through debian, gNewSense and other free software projects.  My
question was a related point, but I don't claim it's based on
understanding the entire strange topic.

> But before that can happen I need to have the feeling that most people
> care about the points I try to make.

To convince me it's worth caring about the topics raised under this
heading, try not posting unsupported comments like

> The Round Robin irc.debian.org points to OFTC but the activity
> on debian channels has nothing to do with OFTC.
> SPI supports and sponsors OFTC as a project but SPI has nothing
> to do with the things happening on OFTC.

Do not post only that.  It borders on trolling.

What happened and what have you done about it?  I've not seen any
problems with OFTC reported on the SPI membership lists and I've not
seen SPI denying OFTC is something to do with it.  At first, problems
should be handled through OFTC's structures.

If this is a FAQ for you, link a previous list post or one of your own
web pages.

> The same goes for this outburst of Raphael (buxy) Hertzog when I
> accidently quoted his private mail, because it showed in the same
> thread in my Google Mail. And the next dude replies to my excuse
> that there is no excuse.

Well, there isn't.  If you choose to use Google, you must accept some
responsibility for its many defects.  If you're not willing to do
that, stop using it.

Hope that explains,
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