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>>also sprach walter <roquesor@gmail.com> [2007.06.06.1300 +0200]:
> > Well, I have a ralink pcmcia and a atheros pcmcia (rt2500 and
> > wireless cards. Both have free drivers that are better than the
> > by its vendors.

martin krafft wrote:
> Sure, and both require firmware which is non-free, so therefore they
> are not Free.

I've found this page:
If you take a look to rt2500, it say "No firmware required" while rt2400
and rt2750 have free firmware. So you can include in your distro. Here,
in Barcelona shops, Conceptronic wireless (ralink) is the `best seller',
you can find it in all shops. The others (a few number) are D-Link,
Linksys and NetGear (ath? that I release have non free driver). Don't
waste your time asking for a Orinoco. Who have centrino, have intelPRO
that have non free firmware. So, take a look to the number of Barcelona
habitants (everybody have router and wifi at home) and you will be able
to calculate what you are missing.

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