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Re: Two GR concepts for dicussion

On 18:37 Thu 31 May     , Anthony Towns wrote:

Hi Anthony,

> 	- minimal requirements: gpg keyring signed by either one or two
> 	  developers, recommendation by a developer, use of existing
> 	  fields such as "Maintainer:" and "Uploaders:" to control access,
> 	  no provision for uploaders to do NMUs or upload NEW packages etc

I think the use of an existing fields "Maintainer" should do the job but Im not
in favour of "Uploaders". Im throught the NM process and member of the parted
team so Im in the uploaders field. If I will have this kind of right, I could be
able to upload a new version of parted and maybe then broke the d-i for exemple.

So for the "Maintainer" field, ok, but for "uploader" we should maybe need to 
take care about what are the packages co-maintained and if they are 'critical'.
We could maybe check the "Section" field and only allow some of them for a DM.

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