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Re: Graphic Design Work

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 15.34:55 James Herrington wrote:

> I'm new to this list so i apologise if i am asking this in the wrong
> place. I am a young graphic/web designer looking to gain some high
> profile experience for my portfolio.

As Lars said, the web site is really in need of a thorough overhaul.

The big question is: do you have sufficient interest in the Debian project 
as such (and not only as a vehicle to get a good entry for your portfolio) 
to carry this through?  If yes:  Please, please, please do it.

To start:
 * there have been one or two people who already talked about a website 
overhaul, I remember there was a recording of a meeting (I didn't attend) 
at the last Debconf, you'll find that online at 
I think there were some others also trying to start a www.debian.org 
 * You should obviously get an overview of the content of the current Debian 
web universe.  This is, in my humble opinion, not only www.debian.org, but 
numerous web sites on other domains on debian.org, debian.net and sometimes 
also on Developers private domains: a lot of information is provided by 
scripts created by some developer in the past and is hosted outside 
www.debian.org for historical and/or administrative reasons, but if you're 
going to redesign the site, by all means think about which services are 
important enough to be integrated with a new web site.
 * Lars also summarized a lot of what you'll face.

I guess if you go to the debian-www mailing list only after you really 
decided to tackle the problem and have already some basic knowledge about 
how the web site is organised at present, but with an open mind about the 
future design, you might have a chance for success.  How much time are you 
willing to invest?  It will take months to just get started is my guess.

-- vbi

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